The new world

I have not written anything in quite some time, mostly because there is not a lot happening.  My weekly zoom calls on the weekends have dwindled because the last few have been filled with long pauses and too many refills of whatever cocktail I’ve invented that day.    Life is different these days; being confined to our farm for months.  I feel fortunate that I live where I do because I’ve had the freedom to walk outside, through the woods and the pastures and not see a single person, unlike my friends in the city, who have been holed up in small apartments and houses that border neighbors on each side. 

Some of the things I miss the most are concerts with friends, dancing to live music, dinner parties and just hanging out a local pub.  It’s funny how we take so much for granted.

Wearing a mask has now become a normal thing for me and I won’t go into a public space without one.  Being aware of my personal space is heightened.  The equally and precisely spaced lines to enter grocery and liquor stores are straight out of science fiction movies; “Soilent Green is people!!!!”

I also enjoy traveling the world and I am not sure when I will be able to board a plane to the U.K. again, which is a favorite destination.

There are still things I am grateful for.   I am grateful for the technology that allows me to see my pal laying on her bed, covered in animals, talking about whether or not to let the grey hair take over…. Or whether she should pluck that pesky moustache. I am also grateful for the assistance we’ve received from the government to survive without fear of losing our home.  I am grateful that no one in my family has died from the virus.I am grateful for my amazing pets who are thrilled with the fact that we are home all the time.

As I prepare myself for going back to work,  I have some trepidations, and a bit of fear, but also excitement in getting back to a new normal.  I’ve missed the interactions with all the creative, smart and kind people that I work with.   I’ve missed working my brain.  Netflix can no longer satisfy me and I’ve reread most of my favourite books. 

I’ve made an appointment with my hair dresser and that is also scaring me.  I don’t know what direction to go… in terms of colour and cut.  After not having the luxury for so long, I am starting to embrace the obvious grey rootage that has grabbed the top of my head like a skeleton hand with long bony fingers.  I’ve googled different types of grey and hombre’s; starting very dark and ending in white wispy ends.  My colourist has always done whatever he wants even when I have brought in specific photos for him to duplicate on my head.  Luckily for me he is a genius and I have never walked out disappointed.  I dread the eye roll when I tell him I’m thinking of embracing the grey only because it seems to be the new “thing”. 

I’ve somehow walked a tight rope of long- haired hippy and chopped off punk cuts over the years.  When I am feeling really laid back I am into peasant dresses and long hair and when I am feeling more creative and aggressive I lean towards edgy hair that makes a statement. 

I’m just not sure where I am right now… hence the fear.  I wonder if there is a lazy and bored; “I can’t get my ass off of the couch”, look. 

As we slowly come back out of our houses I hope that it is done slowly and with caution.  If we simply jump back into the old way of doing things then we will all  be back in lock down.

Anyone who refuses to wear a mask and physically distance, because it is an infringement on their rights, should stop wearing seatbelts in cars and helmets on bikes because those are also rules set in place to save your life. 

I used to say that I don’t judge people but if you are that stupid then I am going to judge you.

When I think of my life so far I realize that I have not lived through two world wars like my parents and grandparents.  I have not lived through a great depression or prohibition but I will be able to say that I lived through the pandemic of 2020.  

Stay strong  and  play safe everyone. 

3 thoughts on “The new world

  1. Have enjoyed your writing and have been blown away by similarities of the past right down to blind in one eye lol. We met at a cute little pub then went to music venue, I came with Cristy and Drew . I think you guys knew Ray my late husband..
    Anyways just wanted to send you a thank you for your creative mind and sharing the way that you do.
    Keep safe Tanya


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